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Payment Policy
Good Deed accepts payments made by Visa, Mastercard or check.

If you are not purchasing on behalf of an agency, we ask that you pay via Mastercard or Visa.

If you are paying via credit card, your card will be authorized at the time the order is placed.  Once your entire order is shipped, your card will be charged  for the full amount of your order.  You will receive an email stating that your payment has been received.

If you are using a Purchase Order and/or are choosing to be invoiced, an invoice will be issued via email after your order is shipped.  The invoice will be sent to the email associated with your order.  Requests for the invoice to be faxed, mailed, or emailed to another party MUST be submitted over the phone only.  You may contact us at 805-640-0242. 

Good Deed asks that payment is made in full within 30 days of when your order ships.  Invoices paid after 30 days are charged a 1-1/2% interest fee accrued monthly.  We will put a temporary freeze on the account and we will not accept further purchases until all open invoices are paid.  If you feel you qualify for an Interest Waiver or need to make other payment arrangements, please contact us at 805-640-0242.

Please make your checks payable to The Good Deed Organization.

Our remit-to address is:

The Good Deed Organization
P.O. Box 94
Ojai, CA 93024
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