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I LOVE FGP!!! BPA-Free Poly Water Bottle

Price: $3.75

  Eco friendly!  Classic design!
   32 oz bottle
   made from HDPE (high-density
   polyethelene), a manufacturing
   by-product.  This BPA-free bottle
   is re-cyclable (Recycle Code 2).
   This white bottle has a leak-proof
   black cap that is ridged for an
   easy-on, easy-off grip.  The
   bottle has a slip-up/push down
   nipple cap so there are no spills
   when drinking! The 2 full inch wide
   mouth makes it easy to load ice.

This bottle naturally insulates against the cold liquids inside,

so it won't sweat like stainless steel when it holds cold

drinks.  It’s rugged yet flexible body can take an accidental

hit without denting and won't easily scratch.  The big top

makes it easy to open and wash with a wash rag, a sponge, or

on the trail, with your hands, so no crud builds up.  It’s

feather-light, so what you carry is your drink, not a extra
metal.  Whether it’s on your desktop, displayed on a
shelf, or in a side compartment of a backpack, the big,
nearly 4” printed logo broadcasts very clearly, wherever
it’s seen: I Love My Foster Grandparent!!! It pretty much doesn’t wear
out until you’re ready to recycle it.  It’s Made in the USA,
and it’s inexpensive, too!
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