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Since 2004 The Good Deed Organization has been committed to bringing our customers quality, Made In The USA garments at affordable prices.  We believe that in order to provide the best for our customers we must also be a company with a conscience.  For this reason, we choose to keep our textiles American Made.  For every action there is a reaction, we’d like to think that our small company helps keep Americans in jobs.

The Good Deed Organization believes that close relationships with our customers are crucial.  From the smallest order to the most extravagant custom order, we are with our customers all the way.  We are always on the look out for new ideas and like to foster the exchange of ideas with our customers.  We have been known to create new products at the prompting of our customers and are always happy to work on a new project.  We like to think of our customers as our friends. 

We are happy to provide such a needed service to the people who work so hard to make our communities strong.  Foster Grandparents, RSVP, AmeriCorps and VISTA volunteers all working to create a culture of caring.  Our small team of professionals each come from a back ground in social services.  We know from experience how important community work is.  We empathize with our customers and are proud to say so.  We are humbled by the giving nature of the volunteers we work with.





Good Deed Organization is a leading manufacturer of clothing Made in USA, so the money you spend here stays in the USA.  To make the comfortable, functional and stylish clothing sold by Good Deed, we buy US yarn to make our own fabric, and that fabric is cut and sewn here in the USA, and is then either screened or embroidered in the USA.  Our clothing and gear is always the highest quality, durable and of exceptional value, made by Americans.  Volunteers who wear and use our products do so with confidence and pride.


Thank you for allowing Good Deed to continue to support your mission!

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